We Are A Group Of Virtuous Women

Whose price is far above rubies.

31 Days to a P31 Wife

#P31 Approved!31 Days to a Proverbs 31 Wife: How Turn Your Wife Into a Virtuous Woman in Just 31 Days! COMING SOON TO AMAZON!

Perfect Freakin Husband

#P31 Approved! – I Never Dreamed I’d End Up Marrying A Perfect Freakin Husband But Here I Am Living The Dream T-Shirt

“I didn’t realize how often my husband was right, but once I joined the #P31 Club, my eyes were opened. He is ALWAYS right!  Being a #P31 member has its perks too–my husband always remembers my preferences and does things I enjoy. Watching Marvel movies and monthly poker nights are just a few examples. Thanks, #P31!”

Charlotte C.

Virtuous Woman

“I used to only dream of being in the #P31 Club! I thought that was something that other women could attain but never me. It always seemed like an unattainable dream. However, after working hard for 25 years, I have finally arrived. I am finally a #P31 Club member! I am so excited and humbled. And the sex is better too!”

Dani O.

Rubie Collector

“I thought for years I was a good driver and navigator and my husband was just critical. I thought a room that was 76º was cold. Thanks to #P31, once I submitted, I realized he was right and was only trying to make me a better person. It also became ultimately clear that real men have beards and that’s why they’re better lovers. Thanks, #P31!”

Karen J.

Tapestry Maker

“I grew up in an Independent Fundamental Baptist church. I rebelled against my upbringing and struggled with submission and headship for so many years. After I met Rich, my heart was changed. I wanted to be that “submissive wife” that Scripture describes. After all, who wouldn’t want to submit to HIM?!  My membership in the #P31 club shows to the world the joy of submission–and, I now enjoy the smell of premium cigar smoke! It’s been a good run #P31!”

Mindy B.

Wool Seeker

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Tougher than an angry beaver’s brood.

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If you want to be a virtuous woman, have the desire to be as valued as rubies, or would like to seek fine wool, flax, or make fine tapestries, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help maximize your full #P31 potential and make your husband known in the gates!